Koman Ferry information

Camping Albania Paradise is the closest camping to Koman. We make all the reservations to be sure you will get the ferry.
Every day the ferry goes from Koman to Fierz and from Fierz to Koman.

An hour into the ferry journey, the tree-lined hills give way to sheer limestone cliffs which gradually close in until it looks like you’ve run out of lake. Just as you conclude you’re heading straight into the side of a mountain, the water opens up again and you turn into a narrow passageway between two vertical walls of rock. The Valbona valley, at the heart of the Albanian Alps, is a two-hour drive from the ferry’s Fierzë terminus. It’s flanked on each side by high mountains.

Berisha Ferry is in function every day with the directly official line: Koman-Fierze, and vice versa Fierze-Koman. By Koman it starts at 9:00 in the morning with arrival at Fierza 11.30 and returns in one day with departures from Fierza at 13:00. Arrival back in Koman 15.30

Berisha ferry transports any means, minibus, camper, cars, motorcycles, etc., excluding super heavy categories. De receptie kan voor u reserveren. The reception can make your reservation. Die Rezeption kann für Sie buchen. Komani Lake Ferry Berisha has very favorable prices, including packages based on tours or on the individual trips.

Prices only for the ferry:


5 per person


10 per item


25 per item


5 per m2


5 per m2


5 per m2

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